Measurement / Control

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Precision and accuracy are required for standardization and repeatability in all measurement and quality control applications available on the market today. This is where industrial image processing comes in, either as a stand-alone system or integrated into the robot.

Industrial image processing technology enables a robot to find the part by seeing like a human or detect differences and errors between parts. The robot is programmed with an algorithm, and an industrial camera mounted on the robot or located in a static position takes a picture of every workpiece with which the robot will interact. If the part does not fit the algorithm, the part is not picked up by the robot or left in the reject box. The correct part is taken by the robot for the necessary operation.

When image processing technology is combined with robotics, the capabilities of the system increase significantly. Without image processing, “blind” robots perform the same repetitive task until they are programmed to perform another application. Robots with an industrial camera system have much more flexibility and functionality due to their ability to react to variables in their environment.