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As in many applications, humans provide an advantage over machines in terms of vision and image processing, adding flexibility and solving complex situations.

However, it excels in measuring and comparing a previously introduced product or condition, thanks to its machine vision, speed, accuracy and repeatability.

For example, on a production line, the machine vision system can inspect hundreds or even thousands of parts per minute; with the right camera resolution, library functions and optics, it can easily examine object details that are too small for the human eye to see. 

At the same time, unlike mechanical control and measuring systems, thanks to the software library and programmability that runs behind, the system does not need to be changed completely and does not incur extra costs when changing parts or products.

Main Advantages of Industrial Cameras

• High quality in production
• Increased productivity
• Flexibility in production
• Reduction in machine downtime and setup times
• Absolute information and process control
• Fast return on investment
• Low production cost
• Reduction in scrap rate
• Error-free and simple stock control
• Space saving

Turkey’s first industrial camera with 100% local software library —> UniEyes

What is UniEyes?
UniEyes is a smart camera system. It is produced to be used in every application that may be needed in the industry such as quality control, geometric measurement, barcode reading, robotic pick-and-drop. Since UniEyes image processing library is written by Unitek R&D engineers, if needed, it can provide solutions by developing the necessary functions specific to the process in your production.

It is designed with an integrator experience, artificial intelligence technology and industry 4.0 requirements to meet your needs. UniEyes smart camera system basically consists of 6 components: camera, lens, filter, lighting, hardware and software.