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R&D / Design

R&D / Design


  • Customized Solutions for Customers

We design and manufacture machines specific to your needs in order to increase operational efficiency, safety and ease of use. Our team of technical experts and design engineers, also by using our company’s 20 years of know-how, is developing tailor-made solutions and upgrades to existing machines to meet customer-specific production requirements.

We continue to stand behind our solution and provide service even after the machine is designed, manufactured and installed on site. We provide spare parts and service support for the machinery and mechanical parts we manufacture.

R&D / Design

Additional Modules to the Machine

  • New Features and Functions for Existing Machines 

We will control your machine, analyze your specifications in detail and study the current working principle of your machine. These findings and information are used by our engineers and designers to create the necessary design for the purpose of the machine or mechanical equipment and transfer your needs to the model.

Our R&D department, after checking the accuracy and quality of the production, ensures that the additional module is integrated into your existing system, both electrical and programmatic, and that all equipment is put into use correctly with no problems.

R&D / Design

Software Development

As your technology partner in the constantly developing, renewing and accelerating digital transformation process, we offer solutions in various fields to make your production and factory smart.


  1. Artificial intelligence-based software and interfaces
  2. Image processing solutions
  3. Operator guidance systems for error-free assembly in production
  4. Interfaces used to integrate products with different brands and communication protocols
  5. Software that can be integrated with production planning and provides productivity tracking
  6. Built-in system programming to make existing systems smarter 
  7. IoT and Big Data applications for manufacturing facilities

R&D / Design


  1. Intellimo – Productivity Controller

    In the last few years, IoT (Internet of Things) has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Thanks to low-cost computing; cloud, big data and physical machines can share, collect and store data with minimal human intervention. The digital systems within this ecosystem can adjust, monitor and record every interaction between connected machines. The main purpose of Intellimo, developed by Unitek software team, is to keep you informed by following your production.


    • Simultaneous performance monitoring

    • Easy-to-use interface with 7” touchpad

    • IOT communication

    • Up to 4GB of expandable memory

    • Memorizing past work

    • Increasing flexibility in production by creating recipes

    •  Installation at the desired location

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