Packaging / Palletizing

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Robotic packaging is a flexible, automated solution that allows product to be packaged in pre-made boxes, cartons or crates. Robots can pick up single or multiple products per cycle and place them in boxes.  In this way, they gain an advantage in terms of packaging speed compared to operators.

Thanks to the robot end equipment, which can be changed manually or automatically quickly, the same robot can work with products of different sizes or shapes. Industrial imaging solutions and mechanical enhancements to robot end equipment can enhance the capabilities of packaging robots.

Industrial palletizing refers to the loading or unloading of parts, boxes or other items to or from pallets. Palletizing robots can be seen in many industries, including food and beverage, transportation, manufacturing and medical. Thanks to robots with a wide range of carrying capacity and reach, solutions can be provided to all kinds of palletizing systems.

A variety of end equipment provides flexibility in different types of robot palletizing. Vacuum and magnetic holders usually hold more neatly shaped objects from the top, while grippers can clamp an item from the side and support it from the bottom.

End-of-line robotic palletizing systems can provide the flexibility to palletize single or multiple production lines simultaneously. Ability to work with multiple lines not only reduces costs, but also streamlines workflow and increases production capacity.