Paint Process

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Robotic painting gives the best quality results. Once programmed correctly, an industrial painting robot can apply paint onto the material without dripping, over spraying, etc.  Applications such as painting or Teflon coating are applied consistently without variating from product to product.

Industrial painting robots can provide exceptional part accessibility. Robots are not only slender and long reach, but they can also be mounted on walls, shelves, or rails for a fully flexible system for greater flexibility. Collision avoidance software enables multiple robots to work closely together, resulting in increased production and improved cycle times.

Robots also protect workers in dyeing processes. Painting application is dangerous and strenuous work and operators may be exposed to unsafe chemicals. Painting robots, on the other hand, are better equipped against the dangers of this particular work environment.  These robots, which are produced with fire-resistant arms, do not carry the risk of explosion in flammable gas.