Surface Treatment

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Robotic polishing is the process of smoothing surfaces until they are smooth. While this practice requires extreme consistency, it is repetitive, tedious work for operators.  In polishing applications, the part can be held by the robot gripper and fed to the machine responsible for polishing, or the part can be moved on the polishing disc. Another option is to keep the part stationary and the robot gripper to move the disc responsible for the polishing process along the part surface.

Polishing robots are programmed to continuously apply the specified amount of pressure and move in exactly the right direction to produce a consistent, high-quality product. These robots improve production time while reducing waste.

Robots save workers from the safety hazards associated with polishing. Polishing robots are not damaged by smoke and dust. In addition, robotic polishing is a more environmentally friendly solution as dry abrasive discs are used instead of chemical solutions.